9 Must-Try Wines For Fall

Understandably, we鈥檙e in need of comfort. Comfort that goes beyond sweaters, binge-watching YouTube, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. We need wine. While we鈥檙e not quite ready for Cabernet Sauvignon, Sagrantino, or Tannat to carry us through winter, we need something more to get us through shorter days and all this…

While we may get some heat for not including traditional favorites, (We see you Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and we love you) here are the nine wines we鈥檙e bullish on this autumn.
Semillon White Wine Taste & Food Pairing Illustration by Wine Folly


Fall isn鈥檛 just red wine season. It鈥檚 full-bodied white wine season too. This Bordeaux-borne grape is often blended with Sauvignon Blanc, giving an otherwise lush, mouth-filling wine a welcome hint of zippiness to make an excellent white pour for those dark green fall veggies. Find one with some age or oak on it and be prepared for notes of honey, almond, and an unctuous texture.

  • Regions to Check Out: Pessac-L茅ognan, Bordeaux; Napa and Sonoma, California; South Africa; Columbia Valley
  • Pro-Tip: While Australian varietals are similarly phenomenal, their leaner bodies may have you looking elsewhere for the fall season.


Bordeaux Blanc – Chateau Haut-Rian

Columbia Valley Semillon – Maryhill Winery

Marsanne and Roussanne White Wine Taste & Food Pairing Illustration by Wine Folly


Ah, the whites of the Northern Rh么ne. Yes, these are two different grapes with Marsanne being notably bigger-boned and Roussanne leaning on the more aromatic side. But, it really feels like you can鈥檛 have one without the other. They鈥檙e often blended together to make a rich, medium-to-full-bodied white with striking perfume aromas, creamy pear and nut flavors, and a downright filling finish.

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Buy the book, get a course.

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Rh么ne Valley Paradis Saint-Pierre – Domaine Coursodon

Sierra Foothills Marsanne/Roussanne White Blend – Cobden Wini

Barbera Red Wine Taste & Food Pairing Illustration by Wine Folly


Though it doesn鈥檛 quite have the bonafides of Nebbiolo, Barbera is Northern Italy鈥檚 wine of the people and is never too far from a Piedmontese dining table. This wine can be a bit of a conundrum. Due to its pigmentation, it can taste both rich and light-bodied, offering the berry and cherry notes in bigger wines, but goes down like a treat, thanks to lively acidity. Oak-heavy styles have an extra touch of chocolate, vanilla and spice.


South Coast Barbera – 2 Planks Winery

Le Orme “16 Mesi” – Michele Chiarlo

Dolcetto Red Wine Taste & Food Pairing Illustration by Wine Folly


We must be feeling Piedmont鈥檚 everyday drinkers, because we鈥檙e definitely sweet on Italy鈥檚 little sweet one. Despite the name, this wine is known for being on the dry side with more tannin than Barbera, but less acid. Expect delightfully fruity, licorice, and bitter sensations with this quaffable recommendation.

  • Regions to Check Out: Langhe, Piedmont; Lodi, California
  • Pro-Tip: Seek out Dolcetto di Dogliani, and Dolcetto di Dogliani Superiore for a more elevated experience.

2016 Dolcetto – Klinker Brick

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC Rian – Cascina Bruciata

Carignan Red Wine Taste & Food Pairing Illustration by Wine Folly


Known for its cranberry, cured meat, and baking spice flavors, this affordable medium-bodied red is finally starting to shed its low-quality reputation. Many producers are reinvigorating old vineyards and making tremendous wines that pair so well with foods, the wine is practically its own ingredient. As Carignan vines are productive, you鈥檇 do well to seek out old vines where you can.

Orzada Carignan – Odfjell Vineyards

Alto Stratus – Abbotts Delaunay

Grenache (aka Garnacha) Wine Taste & Food Pairing Illustration by Wine Folly


When it comes to fall-friendly wines, this is arguably one of the friendliest. So much so that we wonder if it shouldn鈥檛 be in the obvious column. Character, of course, varies from region to region with raspberry and clove (Spain, Australia, U.S.A.) in some, and dried strawberry and herbs in others (France, Italy.) But really, it鈥檚 hard to go wrong, at least in our humble opinion. Occasionally, Grenache can be prone to a higher ABV, but hey, when it鈥檚 this cold, who鈥檚 complaining?

  • Regions to Check Out: Ch芒teauneuf-du-Pape, C么tes du Rh么ne; Cannonau-Sardinia; Paso Robles; Columbia Valley; South Australia; Aragon-Spain
  • Pro-Tip: The highly praised Ch芒teauneuf-du-Pape, Chateau Rayas, is 100% Grenache!

2017 Grenache – MCV Wines

2017 Grenache – Romon Roqueta

Grenache Syrah Mourvedre Wine Taste & Food Pairing Illustration by Wine Folly

Rh么ne/GSM Blends

You love Grenache. You can鈥檛 get enough of all those berry and clove notes. But maybe you need something more. A little more tannin here, acidity there. Something a bit more robust to pair with a foggy, chilly night. Enter the classic GSM (Grenache-Syrah-Mourv猫dre) blend. Plush and opulent, one can expect additional flavors of lavender, baking spice, and even some green herbs.

C么tes du Rh么ne Villages Plan de Dieu – Gabriel Meffre

2017 August Red – Folded Hills

Cabernet Franc Red Wine Taste & Food Pairing Illustration by Wine Folly

Cabernet Franc

If you鈥檝e just about had it with fruit-forward offerings, then Cabernet Franc is here to save your wine drinking day. Yes, you鈥檒l still find strawberries and plums among the dominant flavors, but if you go the cool-climate route, you’ll also come across chili and bell pepper notes, as well as some peppercorns, making single-varietal Cabernet Francs one supple, savory enterprise.

2016 Cabernet Franc – Lava Gap

Chinon-Theleme – Pascal & Alain Lorieux

Zinfandel Wine Taste & Food Pairing Illustration by Wine Folly


This wine right here, this is our jam鈥攑un definitely intended. Though we are fans of the lighter, low-ABV styles with rose petal, sage, and black pepper flavors, it鈥檚 the richer styles that inspired us to write this article. Jam and smoke. Notes of cinnamon, raisin, chocolate, and tobacco. ABVs north of 15%. This, ladies, gentlemen, and aspiring oenophiles, is fall in a glass.

  • Regions to Check Out: Lodi, Napa Valley; Sonoma Valley; Sierra Foothills-California
  • Nah, That’s Too Rich for Me: Puglia, Italy

Vineyard Select Zinfandel – Dashe Cellars

2017 Lirica – Produttori di Manduria

OK, Wine Folly fam, you know we didn鈥檛 catch all of them. What else would you add to the list? Inquiring minds want to know.

Buy the book, get a course.

Buy the book, get a course.

Get the Wine 101 Course ($50 value) FREE with the purchase of Wine Folly: Magnum Edition.

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