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Wine 101

Wine 101 Course (75% off by subscribing)

We’ve freshly redesigned our Wine 101 guide and turned it into an online course you can take at your own pace.

Learn the core fundamentals of wine along with tasting techniques you can put to use. Get wine style recommendations to train your palate!

  • Chapter 1: What Really is Wine?
  • Chapter 2: The 9 Styles of Wine
  • Chapter 3: Top 10 Types of Wines
  • Chapter 4: How to Taste Wine and Develop Your Palate
  • Chapter 5: Wine Serving & Storing Tips
  • Chapter 6: Food and Wine Pairing Basics
  • Chapter 7: Wine Regions of the World
  • Chapter 8: Going Deeper – Soil Types & Wine

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Buy the book, get a course.

Buy the book, get a course.

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